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Havmack Construction offers full kitchen and bathroom
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Everything from custom and stock cabinets
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Kitchen Design and Construction

Whether you’re shopping around for that new custom kitchen, or looking to remodel your existing kitchen space, Havmack construction is the company that can fulfill your vision. We offer full kitchen design services. We care for all your projects from start to finish with only the best quality craftsmanship in the industry.

If you already decided that it’s time to redo your kitchen, our skilled team of designers and builders will work collaboratively with you to guide you through the multitude of possibilities. We pride ourselves on the skills that enable us to stay within your budget requirements while delivering the most stunning results. How you live and what you love, serve as the foundation for our uniquely inspired designs, we happily accept the challenge of fashioning the style you want for your home.

There is nothing more enjoyable than a fabulously designed space. Our concepts are functional, cozy and aesthetically pleasing with the right elements in all the right places. You can trust our team of experts with your custom kitchen cabinetry design, your flooring and architecture. Custom and stock cabinet choices are available to match your personal expectations for kitchen design.

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kitchen and bathroom beautiful.

Bathrooms Designs, Construction and Remodeling

Havmack Construction, Inc. is a design-build company, located in Hammond, Indiana. We specialize in turnkey solutions for bathrooms and whole home remodeling.

You should be able to get ready for work in optimal surroundings and have a positive start to your day, that’s why our designers will work with you to create a bathroom that is uniquely yours. Whether you want a full spa, or just a relaxing place for serenity and privacy, you can trust that our team of experts will get your custom bathroom design right.

Are you looking for a bathroom design that’s attractive, comfortable and practical? Our team of gifted professional designers and builders will work in collaboration to guide you through the endless possibilities while sticking to your budget, and delivering the most beautiful results.

How you live and what you love serve as the foundation for our inspired personalized designs. We always rise to the challenge of creating the lifestyle you love for your bathroom. We build all your projects from start

We handle all our projects from start to finish with only the best quality craftsman in the industry.

So, whether you are in search of that new custom home, or are looking to remodel your existing home, Havmack Construction, Inc. is the company for you.

We are a locally owned private company.
We deliver personal attention to our customers and outstanding customer service.

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