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Project: (Numerous) Windows, Siding, Roof, Flooring and Room Additions

“It all comes down to Jack Havlin’s professionalism. He’s a real pro. We are very happy with the work Havmack Construction, Inc. did. The work is beautiful. It was done quickly and it was done right. The work costs what he promised. Jack is a man of his word. His word is his bond. I would recommend Jack and Havmack Construction, Inc. without reservation. If you want the job done right hire Havmack Construction, Inc.”

Mrs. O'Riley

“My parent’s home was built in 1946 and it needed several upgrades and repairs to keep it nice. Jack Havlin was the perfect guy to hire. Where do I start? He has worked for us over the past 5 or 6 years and has done a roofing, vinyl siding, windows, flooring and a room addition. Jack is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. He is always a gentleman. He’s respectful and he knows how to talk to people. My (elderly) parents really appreciate him too. The work Jack did for this house ended up saving us a lot of money on heating and utility bills. The quality of his work is excellent and he definitely stands behind his work. We’ve gotten many compliments on his work. Man, I was really happy with the way each project turned out. I would recommend Jack and Havmack Construction, Inc. to anyone who wants to save money and get great work done.”

Mark Stanley


Thank you for the wonderful work as always. I will be bringing by a cashier’s check to your business office this coming Thursday for the entire amount of the work.

FYI–because we did not expect the extra $5,200.00 project of shoring up our first floor with the basement work, we may need to put off the back porch work until next spring due to our family budget. Please do not believe that we would think of bidding this project to anyone else—you and your team does wonderful work, and we will only go with you, but I now have two daughters in college, and I need to pace our construction home projects carefully. The porch project does need to be done, and we will be moving forward with you ASAP within our yearly family budget. It may be too much expense for this calendar year, but I am sure we can sign on the contract to get this needed work done early next year at the latest. I will stay close and reach out to you the minute we are budgeted to move forward.

Thank you always for everything, and please thank Tim and Roy for me as well.

With Gratitude Always,



We are completely fine with you including the testimonial, do appreciate the last name privacy option, you have consistently and always provided the best quality work at truly competitive prices for each and every project. We will be excited about contacting you this coming spring for final agreement and completion of the back porch remodel.

Thank you for everything always, I will be dropping the payment by this coming Thursday during the mid-day business hours.

Thanks always,


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